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Being one of the last beaches in San Diego, the Pier at Oceanside is awesome for a fun day at the beach, surfing or just cruising around on a skateboard or bike. Make sure to check out the Strand, which is a road that heads from North to South right on the beach. Not only is it a great place to check the surf from but itís always fun just to cruise and have fun.


Located in the North County of San Diego, the Pier at Oceanside is one of the last beaches you can access before heading North to San Clemente  Accessing the beach is very easy with parking lots and stairs everywhere so get out there an enjoy!

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The Parking Scenario:

There are many options when it comes to parking around the Oceanside Pier. There is the occasional free parking spots, metered and pay parking lots. It takes some searching to find free parking in Oceanside and consider it impossible if it's hot and sunny outside. The metered spots are nice but walking across that hot pavement can be hell during summer. For some people, the pay parking lots are the way to go because they are very close to the beach and easy to move stuff to and from.

The pay lot at the bottom of Seagaze

Here are the prices and instructions for most of the lots in the surrounding area. Make sure to confirm prices and rules in whichever lot you park in. This sign says that it's $1.00 Per hour and $5.00 to park all day.

If you continue South on Pacific Ave, there are toll meters and side streets where free parking can be found. make sure to double check because Oceanside Police routinely write parking tickets and don't miss a beat. If you end up parking in a metered spot, make sure to keep track of time because like I said, they'll get you.

Here are some metered spots along Pacific Ave.

There are a lot of other parking possibilities located at the North of the pier with another pay lot as well as more side streets for free parking. On hot and sunny days, you will have to drive around to find parking so give yourself time and just relax, it's just a lot of people, like yourself, that love the beach!

Beach Accessibility and Conveniences:

There are many ways to access the beach in the Oceanside Pier area. From the stairs located on Tyson, the walkway on Seagaze or the stairs directly by the pier, there are many ways to get down and enjoy the sun.

The beach access at Tyson Street

The stairs leading down to the beach

Accessing the beach isn't any hassle so before you park, make note of where the stairs or walkways are and try to park close!

Oceanside is full of conveniences for beach goers such as restaurants, restrooms and even an amphitheatre for live music and entertainment. Underneath the pier there is a McDonalds and Snack Shack for snacks and meals throughout the day.

There are public restrooms located all over the beach to the North and South and even right under the pier. The restrooms are maintained by the city but are not the cleanest around. There are so many people attending the beach on a daily basis that it takes its toll on the restrooms and it results in a not so clean feel. I highly recommend wearing sandals into the restroom for cleanliness and safety.

The restrooms located to the North of the Pier


There are lifeguard stations all up and down the beach surrounding the pier. In fact, they are usually only about one mile apart from one another. During the Summer season, these towers are running at full force trying to keep an eye out on fellow beach goers, their job can be somewhat difficult because of the huge number of people that attend this beach on a hot and sunny day.

During the Winter months, there is usually no one attending the lifeguard towers themselves but there is often lifeguards driving up and down the sandy beaches looking for someone in need. Please take caution when paddling out during the winter because it could take a while for someone to either find you or assist you.

One of the many lifeguard tower's with the Pier in the background

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