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A look into the area's of the site is a community based website that has been made to accommodate the locals in the San Diego area. We aren't here to discriminate between different types of wave riders, in fact, you don't even have to ride a wave to participate! As long as you love the beach, enjoy the ocean and have a good attitude, you will always have a home here at

Our main goal here at is to bring surfers together in a fun and friendly environment, provide information about surfing new spots, and provide a home for San Diego Surfers while they aren't out in the water! Everyone has some sort of job and a lot of those jobs involve sitting and looking at a computer screen most of the day and we hope to be a nice break in between those long hours of work. Stop on by our Forum or check out our Surf Guide and plan out your next day of surfing with the information provided throughout

The Staff at the site are easy going guys and gals that look for the fun in life no matter where we go. Surfing is our life and we view this awesome idea as a way of bringing people together and meeting some new friends to have some good times with.

The Staff at work hard to provide all of the information that could be needed by a surfer in San Diego and here are some descriptions of different areas of the site.


Going in a new direction is what surfing is all about and so are we! Offering the latest technology in social networks, the new offers registered users access to a wide variety of features that many other forums will never be able to offer.

Network Features:

  • 100% Free!

  • Absolutely NO spamming

  • FREE Monthly Give-A-Ways

  • Personalized Member Pages

  • Custom Address

  • Surf Contests and Related Events

  • Private messaging

  • A Classified Section

  • Upload photos and videos and share them with your fellow surfers.

  • Participate in Surf Dayz!

General Chat:

  • General chat about surfing, life and anything else that comes to mind. This is also where the Intruduction and Monthly give-a-ways are located.


  • For Sale - Sell anything here! From old surfboards, wetsuits and leashes to some of the stuff you find while cleaning out your garage. Someone's trash is another person's treasure!

  • Wanted - Looking for a new board or wetsuit? See what other San Diego Surfers have and get a better deal!

Surf Guide:

From shortboarders to longboarders, bodyboarders to skimboarders, beach goers to visitors, we strive to provide all of the information about our beautiful San Diego beaches in a deep and comprehensive review. All of our current beaches are located in our Surf Guide and can be viewed by selecting your destination and checking it out!

One of our main goals here are is to not only bring surfers together but provide an easy way of trying out new surf spots and locations. I know that I often surf the same spots because I know them and know how the waves break everyday, however I want to go explore more of the awesome waves that break on these San Diego beaches. To be honest, I feel that I'm missing out sometimes when I stick to just one break. Our comprehensive Surf Guide is meant for trying something new and getting out of the routine we all get caught in.

For each Surf Spot, we attempt to feature the following:

  • Location

  • Directions to the Surf Spot

  • The Parking Scenario

  • Beach Accessibility and Conveniences

  • Lifeguard

  • The Reef

  • The Surf

    • Best Tide

    • Best Swell Direction

    • Best Winds

    • Best Size

    • Best Months to Catch it Going Off!

  • The Culture and Crowd

We do our best to provide accurate information and images that help to describe these spots but we can always use help and if you Submit a Surf Spot Comment you can help us out! Decals:

Help spread the word of by representing your town and surf spot with one of our Die-Cut Decals! We have these made simply to help spread the word of our site and bring more surfers together!

  • 100% Free shipped to your door!

  • High Quality Vinyl Decals

  • Multiple Sizes and Colors

Get your own San Diego Surfers Decals!


In this area of the site we have a live, streaming update of the current Weather in San Diego County.

Submit A Surf Spot:

Use our form to generate a Surf Spot and let us know all about it. If you have a secret spot that you wish to share with other San Diego Surfers, go ahead and fill out this forum and let us know about it!

Surfology Dictionary:

With new surf terms being submitted almost daily, our Surfology Dictionary has grown in leaps and bounds! Do you see a word in the Surf Guide that you don't understand? Check out this feature of the site to find it's meaning!

At the top of our definitions, there is a form where you can submit your own word and definition into our list and we'll add it as soon as possible.


Here are the people that stand behind and support us. We return the favor and do the same for them and we ask that if you have the time to check out their sites.

Comment Us:

Like what you see? Want to provide feedback? Recommendations? Use this form to submit your ideas and let us know what you think about our work at We really do appreciate your feedback and opinions about the site and they do help shape how the site looks, feels and heads in the future.

We will not share your comments or opinions with any other outside source so please feel free to say whatever you wish!

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